2 Year Old

Gloryland Preschool’s 2 year old program is designed to offer two-year olds their first structured social interaction with peers and teachers. The students will be developing social skills by learning how to share toys, take turns, and make friends with other children. These are all very important skills and our teachers will gently guide your child’s exploration of this new world! We will use your child’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm for going to school to acquaint him or her with these new social experiences.

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3 Year Old

Gloryland Preschool’s 3 year old program offers your child a time to explore the world around them! For many of our students this will be their first experience with school and we want to make it a positive one. Our teachers will assist your child in making the transition from home and family to school and friends a smooth one. We also will be helping your child to develop positive social skills so that he or she learns how to follow a daily schedule, share toys with others, follow directions, and take turns.

Through the engaging themes and fun activities your child will actively be exploring, learning and discovering.  They will begin learning weekly bible stories as well as using some of the hands on aspects of the Learning Without Tears curriculum.

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4 Year Old (Mon/Wed/Fri)

Gloryland Preschool’s 4 year old program offers your child many opportunities to use their developing skills and to continue their social and educational explorations. Discoveries of our world will be guided by a weekly theme that will be used in combination with our Bible story to enrich your child’s educational experience. Teachers will also introduce letter and number utilizing the Learning Without Tears curriculum.  The weekly themes  will be reinforced through a variety of educational tools including books, songs, games, art projects, writing exercises, and science experiments.

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PK (4 year old Mon-Fri)

Gloryland Preschool’s PK class offers a 5 day class for four-year olds who may miss the Kindergarten age requirement or just desire a 5 day experience to prepare for the 5 full days of up and coming Kindergarten. This class will spend a great deal of time on letter and number and  recognition. It will also offer interactive science and math experiences during center times which the children just love! Play is definitely a daily component and is carried out in dramatic play areas in the classroom, the gym, and our outside playground. 

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