3’s Classes

Tuesday/Thursday Class

Monday/Wednesday/Friday Class

Requirements: 3 years old by September 1. Must be toilet trained per DCFS regulations.

Gloryland Preschool’s 3 year old program offers your child a time to explore the world around them! For many of our students this will be their first experience with school and we want to make it a positive one. Our teachers will assist your child in making the transition from home and family to school and friends a smooth one. We also will be helping your child to develop positive social skills so that he or she learns how to follow a daily schedule, share toys with others, follow directions, and take turns.

A carefully chosen theme will guide your child’s experience each week. These themes will be used in combination with our Bible story and verse to enrich your child’s learning. Three-year olds also will be exposed to a “Letter of the Week” and a “Shape, Number and Color of the Month.” Our teachers will introduce a variety of methods for reinforcing these concepts with your child such as books, games, fingerplays, and art projects.

Your child will learn to follow a daily schedule that includes a free playtime during which he or she may choose to interact in a variety of centers.

These centers include, but are not limited to:

  • The dramatic play center which includes a kitchen with play food, a puppet theater, dress up clothes, and dolls.
  • The sensory table which contains a variety of materials that stimulate through texture.
  • The small manipulative center which includes puzzles, board games, lacing cards, small blocks, counting activities, matching games, patterning and sequencing activities, and magnets.
  • The large motor center which includes big blocks, a train set, tool bench, cars, trucks, and dinosaurs.
  • The art center will have a selection of markers, crayons, chalk, glue, play dough, scissors, and paint to allow them to explore and create through different mediums.

Our centers are carefully designed to further the development of your child’s small and large muscle coordination, language skills, socialization skills and independence.

In addition to free playtime, your child will sing songs, play musical instruments, listen to stories, enjoy a snack, and join in circle time.

Our teachers work hard to encourage the usage of good manners (please, thank you, sitting at a table with others, and waiting your turn); good hygiene (when and how to properly wash hands); routines and good transitions are utilized to run an efficient room.

We look forward to helping your child explore our wonderful world in new ways and to be encouraging his or her natural curiosity and enthusiasm!