Monday – Friday

Requirements: 4 years old by September 1. Must be toilet trained per DCFS regulations.

Gloryland Preschool’s PK class offers a more rigorous class for four-year olds who may miss the Kindergarten age requirement. This class will spend a great deal of time on letter and number and sight word recognition and will offer many educational challenges to your child. Using the Learning Without Tears curriculum, concepts such as letter sounds  and letter writing will further your child’s language skills. To build on these language skills, your child will be encouraged to work  in a daily journal. In mathematics, your child will work on recognition and writing numbers, sequencing, patterning, counting, and addition/subtraction skills. Creative challenges will be offered in music, art and science as well. During the week your child will be taught a bible story that is reinforced with a prayers, songs and home connections. Each of these offerings will build on your child’s longer attention span to explore areas more intensively.

The PK Class will have the opportunity to engage in stimulating educational scenarios in any of our permanent centers. These centers will be supported by special centers throughout the year as well.

Some of the centers include:

  • The writing center which includes notebooks, stencils, alphabet writing exercises, journals, pencils, pens, stickers, envelopes and cards.
  • The small manipulative center which includes puzzles, small blocks, board games, counting and alphabet activities, matching games, and phonics games.
  • A sensory table
  • The art center which will have a selection of markers, crayons, chalk, glue, play dough, scissors, and paint.
  • The science center which includes magnifying glasses, scales, magnets, and exploration tools.

Highlights of curriculum related subjects:

  • Math: introduction of word problems and math sentences
  • Science: hands on group and individual experiments
  • Reading: early reading emerging activities that include reading color and number words as well as sight words that are learned in class
  • Writing: inventive spelling is encouraged (by sounding out and spelling on their own) as well as a variety other writing opportunities that reflect the theme or season
  • Physical Education: use of a full size gym/playground and various apparatus to learn about good health and fitness and having fun while moving and focusing on large motor abilities
  • Music: songs, instruments, and music are utilized throughout the year as well as simple instruction with rhythms and musical terminology

Our special centers will be specifically designed to explore new areas for your child’s skill development. 

We look forward to offering your child a variety of educational challenges and intellectual stimulation.